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Our St. Louis personal injury lawyer and St. Louis car accident lawyer will represent you when you've been physically injured in an accident or due to others negligence, including supervisors, managers, or co-workers. Most accidents are caused due to negligence. Contact us immediately so that we can examine if another party is liable for your injuries. We'll be happy to discuss your case.

Which accident caused your injury?

Were your rights violated?

•  Auto accidents

•  Motorcycle accidents

•  Truck accidents

•  On-the-job injuries

•  Slip-and-fall accidents

You are guaranteed your civil rights under our constitution. But that does not guarantee that your rights are protected. Any of our government agency's duties and actions can violate your civil rights. There are many laws to govern individuals' interaction with an institution, which include government offices and employers. Violation of your civil rights can occur in the form of police misconduct, employment discrimination, or municipalities failing to provide due process. Do you think your rights have been extremely violated? We'll help you with civil litigation.

Your rights are extremely valuable. Don't let uncaring organizations or individuals disrespect your civil rights.

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Injured person