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For a number of workers who have been injured on the job, the nature of the injury is so severe or the combined effect of the job injury and previous injuries or conditions, is such that they will never be able to return to their occupation or any other occupation. The term "total disability" is defined as the inability to return to any employment and not merely the inability to return to the employment in which the employee was engaged at the time of the accident. It does not require that the claimant be completely inactive or inert, but the central question is whether, in the ordinary course of business, any employer would reasonably be expected to hire claimant in his present physical condition. Facing the idea of being unable to work and support yourself and the ones you love for the rest of your life can be devastating.

At the Law Offices of Steven K. Brown, our St. Louis permanent total disability workers compensation claims attorney understands the impact that kind of life change can have on workers and their families. We have been helping injured workers secure the medical and financial benefits that they need to be able to face the challenges that their injury presents for over 35 years.

Experience Matters When You Have Been Severely Injured

Our experience can be invaluable as you seek to establish how the next phase of your life after your injury will work out. Will you have access to the lifetime medical care that will actually help you? Will you have access to the regular financial benefits that will support you when you can no longer work? If you are Medicare eligible, will Medicare pay for future treatment when the treatment is needed due to a work related injury? What is a Medicare Set Aside Agreement?

We understand the evidence that needs to be presented from doctors, vocational rehabilitation specialists and other experts in order to sustain a finding of permanent total disability. Even in cases which may have extremely difficult to prove psychological or psychiatric components or in so-called "mild brain trauma" injuries, we can prepare a persuasive case that, if all goes well, can secure the benefits you need and deserve.

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If you have been injured on the job, do not simply trust that your employer and its workers' compensation insurance provider will look after your best interest, especially if your injury has the potential to end your working career. Secure experienced and effective representation today. Call 314-732-0476, toll free at 888-894-8810 or simply contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation with our Missouri workers' comp lawyer.


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