Bankruptcy: Wage Earner Plan

Experienced Guidance Throughout Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Proceedings

Individuals with income or asset value too high to qualify or realistically benefit from Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy still have debt relief options in the highly effective Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization process. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows individuals to retain assets such as real estate and vehicles, restructure their debts into more affordable and manageable payments over a three to five year period.

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At Law Offices of Steven K. Brown, attorney Brown leverages more than 35 years of legal experience to provide comprehensive Chapter 13 bankruptcy guidance to clients in the St. Louis and St. Louis County, Missouri, area. Focused on addressing your specific needs, our staff works diligently to get to know you, your debt and your goals in an effort to tailor our representation directly to your unique situation.

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What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed for individuals with regular income who are temporarily unable to pay their debts as they come due. These individuals will repay all or a percentage of the debt in installments over a period of time lasting 3‑5 years.

Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy you must file a plan with the court to repay all or part of your debts using future earnings, you are able to keep all of your property, both exempt and non‑exempt, as long as you continue to make your payments under your plan, or unless you wish to surrender some or all of your non-exempt property.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy stops foreclosures, wage garnishments, repossessions and tax collections

Simply filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will immediately end foreclosure proceedings, stop wage garnishments, tax collection and car repossessions, and end what can feel like and sometimes is harassment from creditors and bill collectors while allowing you to repay your debt as you had originally intended.

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