Information Needed to File Your Bankruptcy Petition

What follows is a list of documents or records which you will need to collect at some point early in the bankruptcy process:

•List of Creditors with full names, addresses and zip codes-Need before filing.

•Pay stubs for the 6 months preceding the month in which you will file bankruptcy-Need before filing.

•Other evidence of income for the 6 months preceding the month in which you will file bankruptcy -Need before filing.

•Your two most recent bank statements.

•Your two most recent two tax returns. [Last return needed before filing.]

•Foreclosure notice/s regarding your property.

•Repossession notice/s regarding your vehicle.

•Most recent mortgage statement, even if that is a few months old, and any correspondence showing how much you are in arrears on your mortgage payments, if you are in arrears.

•Auto loan documents.

•If you owe taxes for previous tax years, you will want to obtain tax transcripts showing the breakdown and current status of those tax liabilities. We can obtain these if you are unable to do so quickly.


Please remember that your creditors' collection efforts will not end until after the case is filed.

To stop a foreclosure, your case must be filed before the foreclosure sale date.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office online or call 314-732-0476 or toll free 888-894-8810.