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If you are overwhelmed with debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a lifeline to a better future. For many people, debt can spiral out of control when an outside event such as a divorce, medical emergency or unemployment begins to take a toll on what may have been a stable household budget. Credit cards that were formerly for emergencies only may be relied upon too often to be sustainable as a means of making ends meet.

At the Law Offices of Steven K. Brown, our St. Louis consumer Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney has over 35 years of experience helping individuals find the path to financial security. Let us help you secure the discharge of your unsecured debt and get the fresh start that you need.

Does Liquidation Bankruptcy Mean I Will Lose My Car and Home?

No, it does not. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, many people keep their homes and cars through equity exemptions. If the value of your house or car, less mortgage and auto loan balances, exceeds the allowed amount of protected equity, we can look to see if Chapter 13 or even Chapter 11 reorganization might better suit your individual situation.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a powerful tool not only for discharging your unsecured debt; it can help you fight wage garnishments, bank account levies and judgment liens.

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