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Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often overlooked as a tool for dealing with business debt. Many small business owners may wish to avoid the liquidation of an enterprise that they have committed time and resources to. However, Chapter 7, in the appropriate circumstances, can be an effective method of protecting your personal interests when financial strife has struck your business.

At the Law Offices of Steven K. Brown, our St. Louis business Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney understands how to create the greatest benefit for our business clients through the use of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. With over 35 years of experience, we can help you find the most beneficial way to proceed toward resolving your business debt situation.

Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy the Right Fit for Your Business Debt?

A major difference between Chapter 7 bankruptcy for businesses organized as corporations, partnership and other non-individual entities and Chapter 7 bankruptcy for individuals is that corporate and other business entity debt is not discharged. This makes Chapter 7 less beneficial to a business which is not operated as a sole proprietorship.

However, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be beneficial for the principals and shareholders of a business that is operated as a corporation, LLC or other entity. If the majority of the debt is business related, an individual or business entity debtor need not meet the means test for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Additionally, if there are no significant assets, a business owner may simply file an individual Chapter 7 bankruptcy to seek discharge of his or her personal liability on business related debts as well as consumer debt and allow the business to be wound down by a Chapter 7 trustee or otherwise die a natural death.

We will work with you to create a bankruptcy plan that is tailored to create the maximum in asset protection and benefit.

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