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Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows consumers and sole proprietor businesses to discharge their unsecured debts. This can dramatically change the financial outlook that an individual or business is experiencing, as often the debts that accumulate and threaten stability are unsecured debts such as credit card bills and medical expenses.

At the Law Offices of Steven K. Brown, our St. Louis Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney brings over 35 years of bankruptcy experience to each client's aid. Our firm understands how to maximize the benefit of Chapter 7 bankruptcy for our clients to help them get the fresh start that they need.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Is an Efficient and Effective Way to Move Past Debt

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows people to move quickly through the process. The total process can take as little as three or four months to complete. Chapter 7 bankruptcy begins with a means test that will look at your historical income to determine if your income is at or below the median income for a household of your size in your area. Once that determination has been made, Chapter 7 can discharge your unsecured debts, including certain tax debts, if your actual monthly income and necessity expenses reflect that you are genuinely unable to make a monthly payment to a Chapter 13 Trustee for a 3-5 year period.

People often are concerned that they may have to lose their home or car as part of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is not usually the case. There are equity exemptions that will allow the majority of people to retain both their home and car. If you should fall outside of that group, we can examine other debt relief options for you.

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