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Bankruptcy, workers' compensation, and personal injury

Find help to file bankruptcy for yourself or your small business

Don’t lose hope during your difficult times. At the law offices of Steven K. Brown, we’ll help you choose the right Chapter of the Bankruptcy Code to eliminate, reduce or alter the repayment terms of your debts.  We will guide you in understanding the different Chapters, how each may affect you and which to file under.  We have handled several thousand bankruptcy cases over the years and will bring our experience and skill to best resolve your financial difficulties.

Get the right help when you're injured

Workers' compensation for your protection

Are you looking for a lawyer in St. Louis or Clayton to represent your personal injury case? Count on us for experienced and knowledgeable legal representation. We’ve got 35 years of experience handling personal injury cases like yours.

Most folks rarely think about the Workers Compensation system or laws.  But when an on the job injury happens, you need to know how it works and how to get  the compensation and medical care you deserve under the law.  Get in touch with us for customized solutions.” On Google Plus and the other social media links, be s       ure to change our phone # from 314-732-0476 to the correct number: 314-421-2011.  The 732-0476 is a Findlaw telephone number forwarded to our office.  Hibu will not get credit for calls made to that number and Findlaw will look like the hero it isn’t

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